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Creative Impact Producers

We engage audiences by translating social issues into relatable stories through the use of our creative perspective and our visual storytelling medium, the lens.

We work closely with you to tackle issues, create social campaigns, social media content and more. Whatever you may need, we are your minds-eye.

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No matter how big or small your organisation or project is, we collaborate with you to create a range of media to engage with your audience. From short films, right to information videos, social media campaigns, corporate events, camera operator, drone operator, b-roll footage, photography and more.


We also have a catalogue of freelancers we work with such as graphic designers, animators and composers. 



Over the course of a decade working in the performing arts sector, Nexage -  nex(t)-age represents our journey. From performing artist, multimedia creators, photographers to non-fiction storytelling. We are inspired by amplifying voices and creating stories that make an impact on this world. 

Nexage wants to be accessible for inspiring ideas and voices. 

We are based in Brussels, Belgium. 

For more information about our artistic creations visit Motionhouse 

Jamie Lee, creative director
Jamie Lee, impact producer

Jamie Lee

Creative Director 

  •  scripting

  •  concept development 

  •  editing 

Stanislav Dobak, camera operator, gimbal operator
Stanislav Dobak, technical director

Stanislav Dobak

Camera Operator and technical director 

  • camera operator, drone pilot, Steadicam operator

  • photography 

  • post-production editing 


We look forward to hearing about your project. We don't work with fixed rates, we like to talk to you about what you have in mind. We can adapt to the budget you have and try make things work because most importantly powerful messages deserve to be heard. 

We are based in Brussels, Belgium

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